Shipley Summer Music School

We are delighted to offer a Summer Exchange Programme for young musicians at Chinese and

other Asian conservatories. We will explore and experience the British musical scene while

living and studying within a safe, creative healthy and stimulating environment.



Shipley Arts Festival and String Academy prides itself on not only being an outstanding Festival

and music academy with top class tuition, but also a fun and culturally diverse experience for

young people from all over the world. We encourage our students to develop as young

professionals and as individuals, improving their confidence, performance, English language and

social skills.



During the two week summer programme, students have weekly performance opportunities at

our internal Performance Platform and a public concert in a prestigious venue. Parent and

friends are welcome to attend our public performance.



We hope this refreshing, rewarding and thoroughly inspirational experience will prepare you for

any future path in music education, and we warmly welcome you to join us. 



2017 英国艺术大师夏训营

本次艺术大师夏训营把英语学习和器乐/声乐/戏剧相结合,专业指导老师都是伦敦公立音乐 学院的专职教师,并有皇家音乐学院、圣三一音乐学院的导师对学生给予专门指导,让学生取 长补短,在艺术造诣方面更上一层楼。

在洛奇山社区中心——英国南部最好的户外活动中心,学生在个人和团队活动中增长知识, 锻炼身心,收获快乐。在学习之余,学生还将到周边城市进行短途旅行,参观世界名城伦敦, 到访世界遗产皇家海军学院等,充分了解英国当地历史文化,从各个层面丰富本夏训营的意义。


在全世界最高音乐水准国家与当地学生飙技,优秀者可获 2018 爱丁堡音乐节表演机会 英国音乐大师 Andrew Bernardi 领衔皇家音乐学院,圣三一音乐学院等导师任教,难得

住宿南部最受欢迎的户外活动中心,24 小时全英文环境浸泡,和当地师生互动,活动形式

课程结束后获得 Bernardi 音乐团队签发的评估报告与证书 


We are delighted to welcome students between the ages of 10 and 15 a unique musical and cultural experience. This includes exclusive tuition from leading British musicians, performances in beautiful locations, and out door activities. 


The two-week course will be resident at the world renown Yehudi Menuhin School, and

the second week at one of the South of England’s best activity centres in Lodge Hill Community Centre. 


The dates are currently set for July to August 2018, and we confirm full details of receipt of your expression of interest which is made by filling in the form below.




Lodge Hill Centre, Watersfield, West Sussex, Near Pulborough RH20 1LZ


and also: 

The Yehudi Menuhin School, Millfield Lodge, Cobham Rd, Stoke D'Abernon, Great Bookham, Cobham KT11 3QQ   


Telephone: 01403 741685

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